I’m Juanan Valverde


With more than twelve years of experience in entertainment as a Storyboard, Concept & Motion Artist, I’ve had the chance to work on several projects for numerous and diverse companies worldwide. From Netflix to Playstation, or MTV, Boulder Media, Blur Studio, Framestore Chicago, XReality Studios VFX, MediaPro, Logan.tv, etc.. I’ve also worked for several directors, like Robert Rodríguez or Alex De La Iglesia, in their film projects. Primarily, I work with digital support, sometimes combined with traditional media, to get optimal results in every project. I’m always on the lookout for new challenges and adventures to keep on growing my experience and friend’s list.

About technique


Translating a shooting script into art boards, to see the mood, look and feel of a motion picture project. Relevant tool for the directors, cinematographers and producers. I’m also using this tool to create animatic pieces.

concept art

Designing of characters, environments, assets, props and other relevant elements of a motion picture project. Important art pieces for the directors, make up, VFX/CGI, art directors and rest of the artistic department crew.


Creating frame by frame cell animations for title sequences, animated interludes and other motion graphic interpretations using traditional and digital media for visual projects.

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